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Herpetofaunal assemblage with special emphasis on community structure and spatiality in amphibians of Cauvery delta region, Tamil Nadu
Anukul Nath,Sanjoy Sutradhar,A. Kalai Mani,Vishnu Vijyan
Asian Journal of Conservation Biology , 2012,
Abstract: We studied the amphibian community structure, spatial overlap and herpetofaunal assemblage at Mannampandal, Tamil Nadu during October, 2010 to January, 2011. The survey methods involved careful visual estimation of amphibians in all the possible microhabitats present in the study area. Five different microhabitat categories were selected, viz., leaf litters, temporary water pools, tree holes, shrubs & grasses (ground vegetation), pathways, open floor & outer edges of buildings. We identified 26 species of reptiles and 14 species of amphibians. There was a significant difference found among the amphibian species occupying in different microhabitats. Species diversity was calculated, Shanon-Wiener H'= 1.55. The high niche overlap was found between Duttaphrynus scaber and Uperodon systoma followed by Fejervarya sp. and Sphaerotheca breviceps. The present study on amphibian community is just a representation to show the microhabitat occupancy and adjustment by the amphibians in human settlements and competition among them as, spatial resource partitioning.
Golden Research Thoughts , 2012, DOI: 10.9780/22315063
Abstract: Mulk Raj Anand was born in 1905 in Peshawar in present-day Pakistan. Apioneer of Indian writing in English, he gained an international following early in his life. His novels Coolie and Untouchable set an entire generation of educated Indians thinking about India's social evils that were perpetuated in the name of religion and tradition. These and other early novels and short stories brought into sharp focus the dehumanizing contradictions within colonized Indian society. Through his writings he revealed that in addition to the foreign colonialism of Britain there existed layers of colonialism within Indian society.
A result of commutativity of rings
Vishnu Gupta
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 1994, DOI: 10.1155/s0161171294000104
Abstract: In this paper we prove the following:
Vertical and Lateral Variation of Carbonate Isotope Ratios within Paleosol Profiles of the Willwood Formation, Wyoming
Vishnu Srinivasaraghavan
JPUR : Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research , 2012,
Formation of Virtual Lenses with the Help of Puissance Radio Telescopic Satellites around the Planets
Vishnu Vardhan
International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology , 2012,
Abstract: The technological development of humans has successfully faced all the brutal difficulties it came across. Today’s world has almost nothing which it cannot achieve, yet the thirst for innovation has not decreased. We have the most puissance telescopes located at different parts of the world which can track pretty much information regarding the changes that occur in the celestial bodies in the outer space with in no time, but the changes that occur in them is much faster than the captivity speed of the telescopes . This is the point where we need to throw some light, to build something which is capable of capturing the fastest changes that happen in outer space. This paper deals with launching of radio telescopic satellites in orbits around the planets of our solar system. By launching radio telescopic satellites around some of the worthy planets in our solar system, the view of the multiverse will be improved beyond our imagination. This kind of placement of radio telescopic satellites around the planets will aid in taking a dynamic look at the changes that occur in the outer space and leaves us enough time to be on safe side before the actual disaster happens, more over this arrangement of telescopic satellites will help us to predict the change of path of celestial object in due course of time and also to track the most distant celestial bodies in the outer space.
Two elementary commutativity theorems for generalized boolean rings
Vishnu Gupta
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 1997, DOI: 10.1155/s0161171297000549
Abstract: In this paper we prove that if R is a ring with 1 as an identity element in which xm ¢ ’xn ¢ Z(R) for all x ¢ R and fixed relatively prime positive integers m and n, one of which is even, then R is commutative. Also we prove that if R is a 2-torsion free ring with 1 in which (x2k)n+1 ¢ ’(x2k)n ¢ Z(R) for all x ¢ R and fixed positive integer n and non-negative integer k, then R is commutative.
Realism And Symbolism In Munshi Premchand's Godan
vishnu shelke
Indian Streams Research Journal , 2012,
Abstract: In his novels ,munshi prem chand is concerned with the relationship on individual levels and collective form. Generally his novels show a couple of selected families engaged in a common comon concernand their action affects each other's point of view.through his characters premchand highlights the contemporary social, economic, religious and political problems.he makes the individual and the family a medium for the realistic portrayal of contemporary social problems. In Godan one finds the biggining of the process of disintegration of the joint family system in the villages.he gives a realistic description of family life in his novel Godan.in it,he involves the family life of mr.khanna-govindi,hori-dhania,gobar-ghunia,miss malti and mr.mehta with a penetrating psychological insight.
Review of Research , 2013,
Abstract: Defination of literature-Literature may consist of texts based on factual information (journalistic or non-fiction), as well as on original imagination, such as polemical works as well as autobiography, and reflective essays as well as belles-lettres. Literature can be classified according to historical periods, genres, and political influences. The concept of genre, which earlier was limited, has broadened over the centuries. Agenre consists of artistic works which fall within a certain central theme, and examples of genre include romance, mystery, crime, fantasy, erotica, and adventure, among others. writings in prose or verse; especially : writings having excellence of form or expression and expressing ideas of permanent or universal interes
Role of Steroids in COPD
Vishnu Sharma
Online Journal of Health & Allied Sciences , 2002,
Abstract: There has been a lot of debate regarding the role of steroids in the management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Now with a better understanding of the pathophysiology of COPD, the role of steroids in the management of COPD has become clearer.
A Universal Object Oriented Expert System Frame Work for Fault Diagnosis  [PDF]
Dattatraya Vishnu Kodavade, Shaila Dinakar Apte
International Journal of Intelligence Science (IJIS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ijis.2012.23009
Abstract: The paper presents a universal fault diagnostic expert system frame work. The frame work is characterized by two basic features. The first includes a fault diagnostic strategy which utilizes the fault classification and checks knowledge about unit under test. The degree of accuracy to which faults are located is improved by using fault classification knowledge. The second characteristic is object oriented inference mechanism using message passing. Object orientation in inference mechanism improved inference efficiency. The developed framework demonstrates its effectiveness and superiority compared to earlier approaches using case studies.

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