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Contemporary Crisis of Rhinoceros in Assam: A Critical Review
Rakesh Soud,Simi Talukdar
Asian Journal of Conservation Biology , 2013,
IL-6 and Mouse Oocyte Spindle
Jashoman Banerjee, Rakesh Sharma, Ashok Agarwal, Dhiman Maitra, Michael P. Diamond, Husam M. Abu-Soud
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0035535
Abstract: Interleukin 6 (IL-6) is considered a major indicator of the acute-phase inflammatory response. Endometriosis and pelvic inflammation, diseases that manifest elevated levels of IL-6, are commonly associated with higher infertility. However, the mechanistic link between elevated levels of IL-6 and poor oocyte quality is still unclear. In this work, we explored the direct role of this cytokine as a possible mediator for impaired oocyte spindle and chromosomal structure, which is a critical hurdle in the management of infertility. Metaphase-II mouse oocytes were exposed to recombinant mouse IL-6 (50, 100 and 200 ng/mL) for 30 minutes and subjected to indirect immunofluorescent staining to identify alterations in the microtubule and chromosomal alignment compared to untreated controls. The deterioration in microtubule and chromosomal alignment were evaluated utilizing both fluorescence and confocal microscopy, and were quantitated with a previously reported scoring system. Our results showed that IL-6 caused a dose-dependent deterioration in microtubule and chromosomal alignment in the treated oocytes as compared to the untreated group. Indeed, IL-6 at a concentration as low as 50 ng/mL caused deterioration in the spindle structure in 60% of the oocytes, which increased significantly (P<0.0001) as IL-6 concentration was increased. In conclusion, elevated levels of IL-6 associated with endometriosis and pelvic inflammation may reduce the fertilizing capacity of human oocyte through a mechanism that involves impairment of the microtubule and chromosomal structure.
Production and Optimization of Pseudomonas fluorescens Biomass and Metabolites for Biocontrol of Strawberry Grey Mould  [PDF]
Wafaa M. Haggag, Mostafa Abo El Soud
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2012.37101
Abstract: Pseudomonas species have been widely studied as biological agents (BCAs) and it is alternative to the application of chemical fungicides. Our objective was to optimize nutritional and environmental conditions of the isolated Pseudomonas fluorescens fp-5 for biomass and metabolites production and to evaluate itsagainst the grey mould disease caused by Botrytis cinerea on strawberry plants under field conditions. Pseudomonas fluorescens, showed antagonistic properties, in vitro, against thepathogen Botrytiscinerea. Effect of the separated secondary metabolites on the fungal growth by broth dilution technique and antifungal activity by agar well diffusion technique was studied. Response surface methodology was used to investigate the effects of four fermentation parameters (pH, incubation time, carbon and nitrogen concentrations) on biomass and bioactivemetabolites [antibiotic phenazin and siderophore] production. Glycerol was found to be the best carbon source for improved biomass and metabolites production. Meanwhile, peptone and yeast extract were found to be the best nitrogen source. Analysis of each formulation revealed that glycerol oil at 0.01% the best oil used for protect P. fluorescens for 3 months Under natural condition, P. fluorescens formulation was effective in reducing B. cinerea disease in strawberry leaves and fruits. Pre-harvest treatment protected fruits from Botrytis post-harvest disease in comparing of fungicide. In addition, the obtained results showed that bacterial treatment significantly increased thegrowth parameters as well as dry weights and yield.
Pilot-scale production and optimizing of cellulolytic Penicillium oxalicum for controlling of mango malformation  [PDF]
Wafaa M. Haggag, Mostafa Abo El Soud
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/as.2013.44024

Penicillium oxalicum Curie et Thom isolated from blossom of mango (var. Saddekia) was evaluated against mango malformation incited by Fu- sarium subglutinis. Both in vitro and in vivo conditions. The mechanism of this isolate for controlling Fusarium was the reduction of growth development. The Penicillium oxalicum isolate produced extracellular cellulolytic enzymes (exo-glucanase or cellobiohydrolases and endo-glucanase, that possibly related to the biocontrol process. Optimize and fermentation conditions (growth period, carbon and nitrogen sources) for spores and cellulolytic enzymes production were determined. Liquid formulation containing (6 × 106) with sodium alginate (0.5%) and Tween 80 (0.01%)

Explicit associator relations for multiple zeta values
Isma?l Soudères
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: Associators were introduced by Drinfel'd in as a monodromy representation of a KZ equation. Associators can be briefly described as formal series in two non-commutative variables satisfying three quations. These three equations yield a large number of algebraic relations between the coefficients of the series, a situation which is particularly interesting in the case of the original Drinfel'd associator, whose coefficients are multiple zetas values. In the first part of this paper, we work out these algebraic relations among multiple zeta values by direct use of the defining relations of associators. While well-known for the first two relations, the algebraic relations we obtain for the third (pentagonal) relation, which are algorithmically explicit although we do not have a closed formula, do not seem to have been previously written down. The second part of the paper shows that if one has an explicit basis for the bar-construction of the moduli space of genus zero Riemann surfaces with 5 marked points at one's disposal, then the task of writing down the algebraic relations corresponding to the pentagon relation becomes significantly easier and more economical compared to the direct calculation above. We also discuss the explicit basis described by Brown and Gangl, which is dual to the basis of the enveloping algebra of the braids Lie algebra.
Cycle complex over the projective line minus three points : toward multiple zeta values cycles
Isma?l Soudères
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: In this paper, the author constructs a family of algebraic cycles in Bloch's cubical cycle complex over the projective line minus three points which are expected to correspond to multiple polylogarithms in one variable. Elements in this family are in particular equidimensional over the projective line minus three points. In weight greater or equal to $2$, they are naturaly extended as equidimensional cycle over the affine line. This allows to consider their fibers at the point 1 and this is one of the main differences with Gangl, Goncharov and Levin work where generic arguments are imposed for cycles corresponding to multiple polylogarithms in many variables. Considering the fiber at 1 make it possible to think of these cycles as corresponding multiple zeta values. After the introduction, the author recalls some properties of Bloch's cycle complex, presents the strategy and enlightens the difficulties on a few examples. Then a large section is devoted to the combinatorial situation which is related to the combinatoric of trivalent trees and to a differential on trees already introduced by Gangl Goncharov and Levin. In the last section, two families of cycles are constructed as solution to a "differential system" in Bloch cycle complex. One of this families contains only cycles with empty fiber at 0 and should correspond to multiple polylogarithms while the other contains only cycles empty at 1. The use of two such families is required in order to work with equidimimensional cycles and to insure the admissibility condition.
A relative basis for mixed Tate motives over the projective line minus three points
Isma?l Soudères
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: In a previous work, the author have built two families of distinguished algebraic cycles in Bloch-Kriz cubical cycle complex over the projective line minus three points. The goal of this paper is to show how these cycles induce well-defined elements in the $\HH^0$ of the bar construction of the cycle complex and thus generated comodules over this $\HH^0$, that is a mixed Tate motives as in Bloch and Kriz construction. In addition, it is shown that out of the two families only ones is needed at the bar construction level. As a consequence, the author obtains that one of the family gives a basis of the tannakian coLie coalgebra of mixed Tate motives over $\ps$ relatively to the tannakian coLie coalgebra of mixed Tate motives over $\Sp(\Q)$. This in turns provides a new formula for Goncharov motivic coproduct, which arise explicitly as the coaction dual to Ihara action by special derivations.
Functional equations for Rogers dilogarithm
Isma?l Soudères
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: This paper proves a "new" family of functional equations (Eqn) for Rogers dilogarithm. These equations rely on the combinatorics of dihedral coordinates on moduli spaces of curves of genus 0, M 0,n. For n = 4 we find back the duality relation while n = 5 gives back the 5 terms relation. It is then proved that the whole family reduces to the 5 terms relation. In the author's knownledge, it is the first time that an infinite family of functional equations for the dilogarithm with an increasing number of variables (n -- 3 for (Eqn)) is reduced to the 5 terms relation.
Multiple zeta value cycles in low weight
Isma?l Soudères
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: In a recent work, the author has constructed two families of algebraic cycles in Bloch cycle algebra over the prjective line minus 3 points that are expected to correspond to multiple polylogarithms in one variable and have a good specialization at 1 related to multiple zeta values. This is a short presentation, by the way of toy examples in low weight (5), of this contruc- tion and could serve as an introduction to the general setting. Working in low weight also makes it possible to push ("by hand") the construction further. In particular, we will not only detail the construction of the cycle but we will also associate to these cycles explicit elements in the bar construction over the cycle algebra and make as explicit as possible the "bottow-left" coefficient of the Hodge realization periods matrix. That is, in a few relevant cases we will associated to each cycles an integral showing how the specialization at 1 is related to multiple zeta values. We will be particularly interested in a new weight 3 example .
Motivic double shuffle
Isma?l Soudères
Mathematics , 2008,
Abstract: The goal of this article is to give an elementary proof of the double shuffle relations directly for the Goncharov and Manin motivic multiple zeta values. The shuffle relation is straightforward, but for the stuffle we use a modification of a method first introduced by P. Cartier for the purpose of proving stuffle for the real multiple zeta values via integrals and blow-up sequences.

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